VVV astrometry, proper motions and parallaxes

Even not especially designed for astrometric studies the VISTA Variables en Via Lactea (VVV) survey of the Milky Way bulge and southern disk gives us an excellent opportunity to do this. The survey is multi-epoch and spans a period of more than five years. We developed search routines of the VVV CASU catalogues and found around 3000 HPM objects with PM > 30 mas/yr. The majority of them are new, early and mid M-dwarfs. In this talk I will demonstrate also the first results of our new reduction pipeline for accurate geometric-distortion correction of the available CASU catalogs. Using Gaia DR1 stars as reference frame, we reach a very high PM precision of 3-5 mas/yr, which allows isolation of each population observed in the field. In three more years of observations the VVVX, mapping the optically hidden MW structure, could be an essential complement to Gaia.