Two New VVV Discoveries: A Dwarf Galaxy and a Globular Cluster

We will describe the search for RR Lyrae in the VVV Survey fields, presenting the latest results. In particular, concentrations of field RRLyrae type ab stars disclose the presence of a new globular cluster and a new dwarf galaxy satellite of the Milky Way. RR Lyrae stars are excellent distance indicators, and they allow us to measure the distances and to estimate the metallicities of the new objects. The presence of the globular cluster and the dwarf galaxy is also confirmed by the near IR color magnitude diagrams. These discoveries have implications for the completeness of the globular cluster system and the satellite dwarf system of the Milky Way, and the complementary VVV-Gaia-LSST strategies for completing the Galactic globular cluster census and the dwarf galaxy census will be discussed.