The formation of disk galaxies in computer simulations

In this talk I will discuss the results of cosmological simulations of the formation of galaxies, focusing on the formation and evolution of galaxy disks. Although disk galaxies are ubiquitous in the Universe, early simulations have had trouble in reproducing their formation from cosmological initial conditions, as mergers and interactions continuously affect galaxy morphology and in general result in the partial/full destruction of the disks. The introduction of sophisticated models for different types of feedback as well as the increase of computational power has allowed in recent years to simulate galaxies with significant -- and even dominant -- disk-like components in galaxies similar to the Milky Way. However, a lack of a full understanding on important processes such as star formation and feedback, and their sub-grid modelling into simulations, have lead to the development of different models which in general predict different results even for a given halo. I will discuss recent results of simulations focusing on the effects of feedback on the evolution of disks.