Data mining: Study of five open clusters using optical and infrared surveys

We selected a set of 305 open clusters in SDSS images and in order to study them in a systematic and homogeneous way we constructed a set of routines in Python language. For each clusters we perform aperture photometry on the images in the u, g, r, i, z bands and correlate this data with the APASS, WISE and 2MASS catalogs, and available spectroscopic information. We use a statistical method to establish its centers and opt for a free geometry to delimit the belonging region of stars to each open cluster. In this work we present a preliminary multiband analysis of five open clusters of the sample: we estimate their fundamental parameters (coordinates, size, redness, distance, age, etc); In some of them we identified several YSO candidates and/or PMS star population. In addition, we performed a comparison of our results with two of the clusters that have several previous studies, which allowed us to verify our work methodology.