Physical parameters of Supernovae 1987A. The particular case of SN 2009mw

The vast majority of Type II supernovae (SNeII) are produced by red supergiant stars. Althoug in 1987 a different SN appeared, the SN 1987A, wich came from a blue supergiant star with particularities in its light curve that place it in a new group within the SNeII. This group is called 1987A-like SNe. In this work we show optical photometric and spectroscopic observations of the 1987A-like SN 2009mw. We present an analysis of how the variation of physical parameters (like the mass and radius of the progenitor star, the explosion energy and the amount ofradioactive material) impacts on the modelized light curves of these kind of objects and the particular case of the 1987A-like SN 2009mw.